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“What do you like the least about working?”

“How would you sell a lease to a pet parent who has a large dog but is trying to buy a product/lease that is primarily for small dogs?”

“What was the most difficult customer experience I had ever had.(?) I was asked to walk them through it from the kickoff to the finish line.”

“How long do you see yourself in this field.”

“How long am I planning on working at Pet Smart.”

“Why do you want to work with animals?”

Bather at PetSmart

Feb 5, 2015

“Asked what animals I have experience with and if it was only dogs?”

Bather at PetSmart

Aug 8, 2015

“Asked me if i worked with dogs before and how to deal with difficult customers.”

“Basically everyone gets asked a variation of "If you were presented with dealing with a difficult to control animal/an animal who was known to be aggressive/an animal that has bitten a human before...”

Bather at PetSmart

Sep 12, 2012

“Describe how you would handle this situation without going into too much detail: You're grooming a dog and accidentally cut too short and have to QwikStop the nail. The customer is very upset, what...”

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