Behavioral Interview Questions

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“What skills have you gained from you experience?”

“If I could work under pressure and multi task and remain positive with exceptional customer service ethics. 👍”

Advisory Senior at EY

Nov 11, 2010

“Describe a time where you had a team failure”

“The bulk of the questions were around my resume and asking why I chose to join or leave a particular firm. They also asked why I was interested to join CA and also where I saw myself down in a...”

“We expect loyalty, will you be loyal?”

“If you find a coworker who is going against procedure, what would you do?”

“"Often times we are faced with customers with unreasonable demands. What is the most difficult customer interaction you have ever dealt with? How did you handle the situation and what was the...”

“How can you possibly do technical management if you're a very strong senior engineer?”

Specialist at Apple

Nov 6, 2014

“Describe a time when someone pushed your buttons continuously- and how did you handle it?”

“Name a time when you've had to work with a group of tough people, and what you did to overcome any difficulties.”

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