Behavioral Interview Questions

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“If you had to figure out the total number of red cars in the city of Boston, how would you go about doing that?”

“Is it important to you to be friends with your students?”

Analyst at Accenture

Mar 18, 2013

“Time when you had to deal with a difficult customer or client. How did you handle it, what did YOU do.”

“3rd Interview:

"So I have a client. And based on some new regulation, his compliance department has to start putting out [insert trade resolution document here]. But the people, led by their…”

“Tell me a time when you had to make a quick decision without knowing all the facts.”

“What is one of your weaknesses ?”

“How would you react when you are in a bad mood and a customer comes to you and is not talking to you in a good manner?”

Team Leader at Target

Oct 19, 2012

“When I was at the on-site interview, I toured the distribution facility and then did three back to back interviews with five behavioral questions per interview. They were very difficult questions…”

“Name a time when you had to lead a project and describe its outcome.”

“what would you do if you saw someone stealing but the manager didn't?”

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