Behavioral Interview Questions

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“Are you planning to be with use for a long term?”

“What was your strategy when you were adjusting to the college environment?”

“Why do you want to work at the Times?”

“What most turns you off in a job?”

“"Do you have any more questions?"”

“what was your biggest disappointment in life”

“Name a time you had to deal with an upset customer.”

“The Stubs program was the hardest, they give you the pamphlet 5 to 10 minutes before the interview and expect you to have memorized most of it.”

“Behavioral Interviewing. Tell me a time when you had to work on a project and had someone on your team who would not cooperate. What did you do?”

“explain what is the best time (morning, afternoon or night) and place (beach, valley etc) could a hot-air balloon fly highest? How is the structure of a concert theater ?”

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