Behavioral Interview Questions

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“The largest focus was on the ability to make decisions, the decision process, and ability to handle responsibility.”

“questions involving the telephone circuits never seen or used before”

“What is your idea of reasonable turn around time for a project?”

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“Do you even want to be here?”

Trader at Optiver

Sep 4, 2013

“how confident are you about your answer?
make a market of all the wine produced in California in a year”

“What's the biggest problem you see with our company?”

“Expectation that you can give clear examples of past decisions that make you a good behavioral fit with the organization. These examples are often asked in a question format about past decisions.”

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“Tons of behavioral questions encountered in the whole process- What would you do if there was a problem within your team etc..”

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“Would you be upset if you spent a lot of time completeing a task then were told you needed to do it differently?”

“Explain to me a time where you had to do something out of the ordinary that ended with good results?”

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