Behavioral Interview Questions

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“What are your weaknesses?”

“What's a difficult situation you've faced,and how did you face it?”

“After using information from the assessments I took online, they determined questions to ask like: are you more comfortable in a fast paced or slow paced environment?”

“It was supposed to be a behavioral interview with a focus on my emotional IQ, but they didn't know how to perform the interview (which can be disasterous for the candidate). But, I didn't find any of…”

“Mostly behavioral, but last interviewer of the day asked 2 brainteasers.”

“what makes you any different from any of the other employees we are interviewing”

“Most of the interview questions were: "Tell me about a time when..."”

“If an irate customer came in, yelling and being rude to you, how would you handle the situation?”

“What does luxury mean to you?”

“Assess the slack in a Critical Path time line (having not had any formal project management training).”

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