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“There really weren't any. Although, when I interviewed with the VP, he asked if I felt that I could handle the job?”

“The most difficult question I received was "How would you benefit this office?" The office manager and General Dentist both asked me this question, and both expected a different answer.”

“It was long. I had to pee. No difficult ?s. All questions were relevant to the position, the industry.”

“Tell us about your experiences with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs.”

“Most unexpected: "What was your biggest mistake you ever made on the job, and what did you do to rectify it?"”

“A list of 25 items were presented to the group which was split into 6 subgroups.”

“Each person asked me why "I was excited to work at Zenefits" I wanted to respond that I wasn't sure that I was excited to work for Zenefits. They never really gave me anything to be excited about...”

“Listening to their graphic design goals.”

“It was clear to me that the managers had less skill than I, and I didn't know what to say. I kinda offended them with strategies they didn't know. Their mind set is sell, sell, sell. Mine is sell...”

“How comfortable would you be speaking to a group of 25 people?”

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