Bioinformatics Interview Questions

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“What do you know about linkage disequilibrium and it's affect on human genetic disease?”

“Given a set of XY pairs I want to create a data structure such that searching, insertion and deletion is extremely fast using the X value. But I also want to be able to find the maximum Y value at...”

“How many exomes do you sequence a week?”

“how do u update their flat seq files on a daily base?”

“Introduce a project you did before and introduce your ability of using tools in bioinformatics”

“Why did you switch from studying microbiology to bioinformatics? Your work involves human cancer and we deal with microbial and fungal genomes. Are you sure this will interest you?”

“"Besides all your relevant experience, tell me about anproject you conducted during your graduate degree that has no relevance to this positions requirements whatsoever"”

“Allelic frequency calculation.”

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