Biologist Interview Questions

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“Describe the most pressing negative environmental impact affecting freshwater ecosystems to date and if faced tackling this issue in a given setting, describe the strategy you would implement.”

Biologist at CH2M HILL

Apr 22, 2011

“Why do you want to change your career path?”

Biologist at AECOM

Oct 22, 2011

“Will you be able to bring clients to AECOM from you network?”

“What can you bring to DAS?”

“What kinds of bacteria have you worked with?”

“Study your behavioral questions. Trust me, you be asked at least 3 of them.”

“many questions about DNA matching and statistical inference and about computational complexity of different algorithms. You have to know your core computer science to answer them.”

“Don't remember the details but there was some maths/ stats question that cost me a bit of time to grasp but it is more about keep calm and communicative rather than be able to give the right answer…”

“You seem to have most experience in X, how would this relate to what we are doing?”

“Name a difficult work situation and how you handled it?”

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