Biologist Interview Questions

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“Typical interview questions: where do you see yourself in the company in five years, what's your experience with controversial projects, what are your strengths and weaknesses....”

“I did not expect the online qustionaire to be at the interview. Any answer that they don't like or don't know why it was answered that way will be asked face to face.”

“What is the most challenging experience you've had to deal with and how did you overcome it?”

“What made you want to be a scientist?”

“Why was my resume formatted in the way it was”

“Questions went the full way from some more algorithmic descriptions to biological questions about study design. The length of the process and diversity of the questions rather than any specific…”

“Extremely rigorous questioning on science presented.”

“What do you suppose the indent on the bottom of a wine bottle is for? What type of animal would you like to be? (it's hard to act serious when people ask you stuff like this)”

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