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“Given a set of XY pairs I want to create a data structure such that searching, insertion and deletion is extremely fast using the X value. But I also want to be able to find the maximum Y value at…”

“Why did you go into Human Resources? Why did you decide to specialize in Human Resources?”

“How would you handle a situation if you were told to redo a project after you have completed it?”

“Asked me about dealing with difficult people in the workplace.”

“loading data from warehouse to database with high performance”

“Asked by a Senior VP: "With every person we hire, it dilutes down everyone's shares, including mine, and I have a lot. That said, why should we hire you?".”

“What are your weaknesses?”

“Where will I be in 5 years”

“Why should I hire you, what can you do for the company. I was asked by the support personal.”

“Describe a time when you had to deal with conflicting demands. How did you deal with this situation and what was the outcome?”

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