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“What is the genetic combination that occures to make a genetic mutation stable?”

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“how do you reconstruct a model of said structure in "Question #1"?”

“Write C code that, given number n from the interval [0,32], produce integer number with n least-significant bit sets to 1, and other bits set to 0 (practically, write a decoder).”

“What do you know about Life Tech's FBS operation?”

“What is your salary range?”

“Asked me to go into detail about a paper I had published several years ago.”

“What is a "matching network" really trying to match?”

“You are in a boat in a pool with a rock in your hand. You throw the rock into the pool. Does the water level rise, drop, or stay the same?”

“Are you ok with telemarketing?”

“How much do we need to pay you to make the switch?”

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