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Boston Consulting Group Interviews  /  HQ: Boston, MA

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Boston Industrial Consulting Interviews  /  HQ: Danvers, MA

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Hamilton & Boston Consulting Interviews  /  HQ: Beverly Hills

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“Insurance company strategy”

“Pharma R&D, market sizing and pricing”

“Should asset mgmt company expand into China if their stock market indices are growing by 80% a year while the american indices are growing at only 5%”

“Give me three reasons why I should NOT hire you”

“Case interview:”

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“Case interview involving mining company that pioneered a new mining process that made extensive ore deposits accessible but required new equipment not commercially available. Should they…”

“Heavy on data analysis from graphs/tables. Need to be quick/thorough with math.”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“The asked about specific types of marketing analysis that I had never heard of. I have researched these and found little or no information. They must by BCG specific. So, without working there…”

“What is the internal problem of an insurance company that has both automobile and specialty insurance. They are investing equal parts into both divisions, but the profit from specialties is not doing…”

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