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Jul 14, 2014

Interview Question for Optometric Tech at America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses:

“What are your weakness and strengths”

Jul 13, 2014

Interview Question for Store Associate at Petco:

“Competing between the other interviewers to answer questions from the managers before they went to the next question,”

Jul 12, 2014

Interview Question for Software Engineer at Yahoo:

“Questions were typical coding questions, i.e. shuffle cards, merge sort using files, traversing trees, C++ related questions. One of the interviewers (probably non-technical) asked me a physics brain…”

Jul 12, 2014

Interview Question for Director of Business Development at Presence Health:

“Am you a cookie or pie person? The team has a yearly taste contest for each and there is a friendly rivalry between those who prefer cookie day and those who like pie day.”

Jul 11, 2014

Interview Question for Software Development Engineer II at Amazon Lab126:

“Is there a situation in your career with your colleagues that you would like to fix (if given the chance)? What is your greatest achievement? Some think big questions. How would you solve the Netflix…”

Jul 11, 2014

Interview Question for District Manager at Whataburger:

“To give a presentation in front of upper executives is all I can think of. And of course truck assessment questions when there is NOT a good answer”

Jul 10, 2014

Interview Question for Software QA Engineer at AppFolio:

“if there were 15 horses, and if you could race 3 at a time. Whats the minimum number of races that is required to determine the top three horses. He then asked me to generalize this problem for any…”

Jul 10, 2014

Interview Question for Junior Account Manager at Fenix Consulting Group:

“What three things would you take with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?”

Jul 8, 2014

Interview Question for Customer Service Representative at Starboard Cruise Services:

“If you have a customer with a broken watch and you know theirs no way to help him. What will you advise the customer?”

Jul 8, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Mechanical Engineer at Apple:

“Know your beam theory, beam bending and strength of materials stuff if you are an M.E. They beat this stuff to death in the interview quizzes.”