Brain teaser Interview Questions

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“A single-elimination tennis tournament has n teams. How many games will be played before there is a winner?”

“You have 2 identical crystal orbs and a 100 storey tall building. How do you determine which floor the orbs will shatter at, and what is the minimum number of tests you need to execute?”

“Why is a manhole round?”

“If you were a Cereal what kind of Cereal would you be?”

“I was asked a great and interesting question that I will most likely use in my hiring process going forward that really demonstrates how one thinks and responds to a analytical problem. You have…”

“classic fermi problem. estimate some value making some approximations.”

“Explain to me a time where you had to do something out of the ordinary that ended with good results?”

“How many pingpong balls could fill a 747?”

“You are the leader of a gang of n pirates who has just returned from a successful treasure hunt. You will make a suggestion about how to divide up the treasure and then a vote will be held. If you…”

“If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.”

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