Broker Trainee Interview Questions

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“Can you dial a phone”

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“Phone/Person: Why Schwab?

Phone/Person: What do you know about the company?

Phone: Name a time you had to go above and beyond to help a customer.

Phone: Tell me a little more about your…”

“If Client A purchased 40 shares of stock at $30 per share and then sold 30% of the shares what would the profit be in the first quarter if the shares had increased in value by 12%?”

“The primary topic in all of our interviews was customer service. Everyone I spoke to emphasized that customer service was really the focus of the company and the position.”

“What was a time you went above and beyond a customer's expectations?”

“Please describe the mission and values of the company.”

“Tell me what you know about Schwab.”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“When is the last time you took notice of market forces/conditions, and how did you act upon them to produce a favorable outcome?”

“"We dont give a crap about your resume, tell us about yourself"”

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