Brokerage Interview Questions

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“On the phone was asked two simple probability questions.
What is the probability of being dealt a pair of cards?
What is the probability of rolling the same side of a dice three times in a row.”

“How can you help us? How will you contribute to the bottom line?”

“If you have a 3 sided dice, what is the probability that you will get a 6 and what is the probability that you will get a 6 three times”

“If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

“Do you hope to pursue a brokerage career down the road?”

“The interviewer wanted to make sure I was looking for a long term commitment given that I was looking to leave a firm I had been at for only 3.5 years.”

“Tell me about a time where you have faced a complex situation/faced with a difficult challenge that you had to overcome.”

“All the questions were behavioral based and focused on managing a team.”

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