Brokerage Services interview questions

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“Why do you want to work for Merrill Lynch?”

“Why are you interested in the financial industry? why Edward Jones?”

“Why don't they offer a start up salary to get on your feet?”

“Something to do with void main().”

“Suppose you have a stack of pancakes of pairwise distinct sizes. You wish to order the pancakes the pancakes by size, with the largest one on the bottom. The only operation is available to you is a...”

“Gave different spreads (butterflies,call,put) and prices and I had to figure out the price of certain strike calls and puts. interesting mixture between logic and options knowledge.”

“What is 1/64 as a decimal?”

“What is the total volume of oceans in the world.”

“Can you dial a phone”

“If Client A purchased 40 shares of stock at $30 per share and then sold 30% of the shares what would the profit be in the first quarter if the shares had increased in value by 12%?”

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