Building & Personnel Services interview questions

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“will I be able to provide the stuff I need”

“do you mind getting dirty?”

“Build a calendar using whatever JavaScript framework that you wish. The calendar must display properly, and you should be able to select the days of a given month in the calendar. However, there are...”

“How are you going to handle conflict with employees within the branch?”

“As far as most difficult!! Staying away from every one, so you didn't have to be involved in the drama ( but don't think that you weren't still being talked about behind your back).”

“Why do you think you are the most qualified for this position?”

“What is a "Cows tongue" as it relates to a commercial building?”

“Describe previous experience”

“There really wasn't a tough question. Have you had cleaning experience, is the biggest requirement.”

“How would you rate your presentation skills for this interview?”

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