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“Do you have any sales experience.”

Mat Roller at Cintas

Mar 4, 2014

“Why do you want to work for Cintas?”

“What would you do if a man who reported to you refused to work for you because you are a woman?”

“Why do I want to clean Toilets ?”

“Kept on asking structure at current company, seemed like they were more interested on how things were done at the company I currently work for rather than me.”

“How long will you take until you are state certified”

“Tell us what you know about Prudential Overall Supply?”

Supervisor at 4M

Nov 11, 2014

“Tell me about a time you could not complete a task. What did you do”

“If offered a position outside the company making twice what you would be making here would you take the position or stay with this company?”

“How would you deal with a difficult situation with a unsatisfied customer?”

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