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“3rd Interview:

"So I have a client. And based on some new regulation, his compliance department has to start putting out [insert trade resolution document here]. But the people, led by their…”

“How would your generate leads to hit your quota”

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“The case interview questions are broad and may take some effort. E.g. our client is going to enter the business of ...what are the advantages and disadvantages?”

“Insperity is an HR company, so the interviews are well planned and methodical. They ascribe to the S.T.A.R. method for interviews. Describe a sales effort you made where you did not win the…”

“Will you be wiling to work as a 1099 Contractor?”

“Nate and Pete were simple, standard interview questions. Andy is tough, asked some questions that I've never been asked. Hardest one was, if you were in charge of the evacuation strategy for Atlanta…”

Business Advisor at EY

Nov 15, 2010

“What was a time you had to exhibit leadership skills?”

“Lasted 15min., a joke and a waste of time. No questions were asked?”

“"Role play as if you were going to sell me x."”

“How would you handle a requirements meeting in which there were several competing views of an existing process?”

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