Business Analysis Manager Interview Questions

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“Capital One asks that you not give away their specific case questions, and I'm going to respect that. The standard interview is 2 behavioral interviews and 2 case interviews. The behavioral...”

“How much did you make at your previous job?”

“Very standard BA interview process: (1) recruiter phone conversation; (2) hiring manager phone conversation; (3) Onsite interviews including multiple 1:1s interviews and then a panel interview with...”

“The cases were quantitative and nothing like management consulting cases. One really tripped me up - had nothing to do with anything you ever learn in business school. Disappointed.”

“Be prepared to do a case study with multiple questions.”

“The questions weren't difficult. I interviewed with many different people. For the most part they were behavioral base. However, despite my multiple degrees and years of experience in manufacturing...”

“Would you feel comfortable in working with IT to improve sales reporting? Have you done something similar before?”

“(Presented a sales chart that showed quarterly sales data of a product). Describe some reasons to explain for the fall of the sales in Q4 last year.”

“The first person who I interviewed with was so uncomfortable. He was like he wanted to leave the room asap. He didn't speak before the case question and was not clear about the question.”

“Lots of questions on how to handle stressful situations, push-back from clients, prioritization process.”

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