Business Analyst Project Manager Interview Questions

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“The asked questions pertinent to the job description but really wanted detailed, step-by-step answers for how you solved a problem, would tackle a problem, or how you would approach a problem, based...”

“There were none bad questions, they wanted history and evidence of success and of job descriptions duties”

“If you could be a superhero, who would you be? (The hiring manager referred to this question as "now for a fun question".)”

“Give an example of how you solved a problem that wasn't yours to solve.”

“Most questions were behavirial like tell me of a time when you handled a difficult project? What tools have you used as a BA/Project Manager? Have you supervised people and how would you feel working...”

“Exact dates and times and former manager phone numbers always throw me ( I have to look them up every time ).”

“Describe your past project challenges and how you overcome them.”

“questions about PV market and also microgrids”

“They give you a hypothetical scenario and ask you to tell them what you would do. Since I knew nothing of their work beyond high-level, it was pretty hard to be specific.”

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