Business Analytics Manager Interview Questions

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“How would I validate the data for integrity of results?”

“How would I resolve the issue with the data integrity when receiving the files with the data from the clients?”

“How would you proceed if you were hired - how would you spend your first three months? There is no documentation in the department and two Analyst, who are here for a long time 'have everything they…”

“There are a lot of reports scattered around sent by email, in folders etc. How would I resolve the issue? We are moving from one of the current reporting platforms, what would you implement as a new…”

“How would you validate the data integrity for ad hoc requests?”

“What do you think are some of the biggest risks facing Paypal?”

“Case study was random business analytical tests one of which was to find the relationships between two variables and interpret the correlations.”

“how many airplanes on the air now?”

“Tell me about a time when you had to change expectations from someone on the team.”

“Being asked to build a presentation for interview was unexpected, but the questions that followed were standard interview questions (give an example of a time....., where do you see yourself in…”

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