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“What days I was avliable to work.”

“I didn't antcipate the multiple choice question of Money, Advancement or Atmosphere. But, I believe I handled the question well.”

Specialist at Apple

Nov 6, 2014

“Describe a time when someone pushed your buttons continuously- and how did you handle it?”

“Nothing unexpected because you are usually more intelligent than the interviewer who tends to be more nervous than you.”

“I dont find any unexpected questions. Lots of companies waste their time in interview process and hires a bad candidates. All algorithms and they are straight forward.”

“Tell us about a situation where you were opposed on an idea or process by your direct superviosor how did you handle the situation and what would you have done differently.”

“No difficult questions really. Just interested in lots of examples where you overcame challenges, failures and unexpected results.”

“Would I be able to travel to receive training on equipment at my expense.”

“Why do you think you should get this job?”

“Analyze this Excel table of information and write a press release around it.”

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