Business case Interview Questions

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“Technical questions were difficult and very industry specific, they had an element of future job tasks that a successful candidate would perform and resembled a case study interview with the Oil and…”

“Interviewer went into a detailed explanation of how much money people COULD earn then after ten minutes talking about the possibilities gave the reality of the position - would you work for…”

“Have you worked with a Hispanic population”

“It was kind of like a case question for consulting. His friend wanted to buy a restaurant with certain profits and sales, and he wanted my input. I tried to keep up and understand concepts like…”

“How much is spent on gasoline is consumed in the US every year?”

“Where would you recommend the property focus its [paid search] budget and efforts?”

“I was asked to represent the application architecture on my previous project, with a simple diagram that someone with no background in it could understand”

“Explain reasonable accommodation in regards to the ADA.”

“Technical question about adding customized fields to a Crystal Report in EPICOR.”

“In the second stage a phone interview the following situation was presented: You have 5 Apache web servers sitting behind a load balancer. They are pegged as far as load and are not responding to…”

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