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“Given a fleet of 50 trucks, each with a full fuel tank and a range of 100 miles, how far can you deliver a payload? You can transfer the payload from truck to truck, and you can transfer fuel from…”

“unix question: find a file containing a word in a file structure”

“given an array of n unsorted integers and each number is at most k positions away from its final sorted position, give an efficient sorting algorithm.”

“How would you feel if you were 100% of plan and put on notice?”

“What is your biggest weakness”

“Tell me about a time when you worked in a team, but were not a team leader. How did you handle a conflict?”

“The questions were ridiculous because the people interviewing were just starting out and had no idea what type of questions to ask.”

“Do a postorder binary tree traversal with constant memory (no stacks).”

“Which is better: someone who tries their hardest or someone who gets it done at any cost?”

“They asked for salary up front and if I have any pending job offers?”

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