Business Development Specialist Interview Questions

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“What was your least favorite class in college? What was your favorite class inside your major at school? Why did you decide to transfer between schools?”

“They want you to know a lot about the company and industry during the interview so you need to do your homework.”

“What would you see yourself doing in 5 years?”

“Was asked to describe my work history and current position.”

“Difference between us and a typical consulting firm”

“They're going to determine your friendliness, so as soon as you walk through that door have a smile and be energetic...before you get to the receptionist.

They're going to ask you cliche questions…”

“Nothing too alarming. I interviewed for sales, so they asked me on the spot to test out a sales pitch in front of them (more like a cold call script I would use).”

“How do you build your own commission based business model with virtually no initial help?”

“How would you handle upset customers who think they are always right and act entitled? (Because of location...)”

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