Business Development Specialist Interview Questions

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“What would you see yourself doing in 5 years?”

“Difference between us and a typical consulting firm”

“Nothing too alarming. I interviewed for sales, so they asked me on the spot to test out a sales pitch in front of them (more like a cold call script I would use).”

“How do you build your own commission based business model with virtually no initial help?”

“No unusually difficult questions. "How do you motivate people working on a team with you?", "How would you deal with people who are negative at work?", "How would you convince senior executives to…”

“They don't ask good questions. This is not thoughtful interviewing. You might say, they don't know what they are doing-not recommended..”

“I was prepared to explain in high detail my previous work experience within the company and share specific examples of quality output work with the hiring manager.”

“they really didn't asked any unexpected or difficult questions. just the standard ones and related to the job regarding scheduling events, supporting business development and marketing, posting on…”

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