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“2 different people asked me a similar explain a time when I got a "No" and had to switch it around and a time when I ran into an adversity and overcame it.”

“Why I thought I was qualified for the position applied for.”

“What do you think you could do that would initially wow the rest of my sales team?”

“Why do you want to work at Vocus”

“Have you played any sports?”

“Give an example when you overcame adversity.”

“Do you really think you can commit to staying a year in this role?”

“How willingly are you to travel owing to the fact that I hadn't travelled much.”

“Tell me about your worst customer service experience.”

“All were pretty standard. Need to know how to work really fast and re-act to questions. Greatcompnay to go work for. Questions was. What systems do you know of and how do they work.”

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