Business Intelligence Intern Interview Questions

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“Who is your role model?
The questions were mostly behavioral. A lot of it was based on my previous work experience. They wanted to know how I would handle difficult work situations.”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Explain how you used cross join in your last internship”

“Question on Material Views, packages and some PL/SQL questions”

“All questions were standard and fair. As long as you meet the requirements listed in the job description, there will be nothing to trip you up”

“Multi-dimensional data for retail industry”

“a small quantitative case. The interviewer jumped right into a case, which is not hard but can be intimidating if you have never practice this type of questions before”

“I would say both of the telephonic interview were quite a pleasant experience, more of interaction. Please be thorough about the details mentioned in resume. Like in my case, I was asked question…”

“Experience related to report generation and tools used.”

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