Business Leader Interview Questions

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“Questions are generally very tied to the specfic opportunity and focus on the skills and background required. They dont throw in brain teasers and unexpected questions.”

“All questions were related to the role, which was new to Biogen Idec. Was very comfortable with their line of questioning.”

“I was asked several business case questions on how to size a market. It was fine for me; I appreciated that.”

“Questions regarding my current work and my desire to relocate. A few technical questions from the potential direct supervisor.”

“What my weak points are and how I can improve upon them.”

“There was a question that was loosely case based regarding how to approach a specific business situation.”

“Tell me about the time you had to make the quick decision and you had to go back and reconsider that decision? What was the outcome and what did you learn from that experience?”

“Give us an example of a project where you had to work crossfunctionally and influence your partners to agree with your strategy and how did you do it”

“The position is limited in scope, would you accept it?”

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