Business Office Manager Interview Questions

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“Do you have a problem with traveling mostly by car and at times by plane?”

“What is your salary expectations?”

“Tell me about a hard decision you had to make, and what made it difficult?”

“Questions were the basic generic "Tell me about a time", read straight from the computer screen, I struggled to get through it because it was aggravating, VERY dull and impersonal! That should have…”

“How comfortable are you working in a fast pace environment?
She also had several situational questions”

“Do you have any experience working in a retirement home”

“Questions are all situational and require being very specific on your answers. For example, " tell me about a time when.....".”

“The negatively phrased interview questions caught me by surprise. I wasn't prepared for a compreshensive behavioral interview. Some of the questions included,
"Tell me about a time when your were…”

“The questions are asked using the STAR techniques. You will be asked to describe specific events, what happened, what you did to solve the issue/task, and what was the result? most questions has…”

“How do you handle employees that resist change?”

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