Business Operations Associate Interview Questions

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“Problem Solving questions from the Recruiter: 1) What is 20% of 120? 2) What is 2/3 of 210? Problem Solving question from the Manager: 3) If company A has a budget of $5,000 per month for…”

“Have you been in a Supervisory role?”

“One of the case studies concerned reorganizing a pharmaceutical sales staff, and essentially boiled down to how I would downsize the department.”

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“How do we make our revenue?”

“Tell me about a new marketing strategy you would recommend for our company. Or are we doing nothing wrong and do not need to make any changes?”

“They give you a scenario where you have to explain how you would prioritize your day. The form lists several tasks along with how long each task takes and how important they usually are.”

“With your finance background, why do you want to work in technology now?”

“Pretty good face to face interview expereince”

“Give an example of when there were some conflicts among your team and how you managed to resolve the problem.”

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