Business Operations Interview Questions

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“How might you need to interact differently with engineers than business people?”

“Why do you think people play games?”

“What is the hardest change you have had to deal with at your company?”

“Give me an example of when you had to do something out of your comfort zone in a team situation. Give me another one.”

“Describe a time this past school year where you have had multiple projects or assignments and how you organized/prioritized your work.”

“Describe a problem you identified, made a recommendation, and your recommendation was implemented.”

“Focused on your strengths and weaknesses (via examples) and why Palantir”

“What are you passionate about? (it can be anything)”

“Basic questions, that are scripted and the manager reads them off a paper, (there is no science behind it, the manager are just ignorant and have no clue what they doing). 1.Tell me about...”

“Why would you be good for this position?”

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