Business Operations Manager Interview Questions

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“Which do you think is more important, quantity or quality?”

“How large would a mistaken credit card charge need to be for you to go to the credit card company and get it resolved?”

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“Reversal - I asked the interviewer what they thought of Comcast and why they liked working there.”

“Was asked about my previous boss, who was difficult to work for and was laid off when I was, so best answer was to be neutral”

“It can be difficult to get people to think “outside the box”. Tell me about a time when you were able to get others to go beyond conventional thinking. What did you say and do? What happened?”

“Mostly questions were on previous projects,subject matter and was asked to present a business case”

“Tell us about about time when a Customer made an unreasonable request. What was the request, what did you say or do, and what was the result?”

“The entire written standardized questionnaire was an incredible ordeal. I believe that I was working with a lazy recruiter who had me write up an assessment of me so that she wouldn't have to do any…”

“Describe your best and worst bosses, and how you were able to work with them effectively.”

“I was asked to explain the interviewer with examples about how I changed incentives in place for sales teams, encouraging them to reach their goals”

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