Business Partner Interview Questions

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“If your boss was late giving you information to complete a project for a boss 2 levels up, how would you handle it?”

“In the very brief interview, I was asked specifics about my current salary (rather than what I was seeking)”

“How have you managed hiring and retention issues in the past?”

“Emphasis on how you came up with innovative approaches for HR? Not how you executed or encouraged others but what you specifically have done.”

“What are the greatest challenges that HR will be facing in the future and now?”

“What is the biggest career mistake you ever made?”

“What year did you graduate college?”

“Amazon/AtoZ expect that all employees exhibit leadership qualities, so they ask specific behavioral questions related to their leadership prinicples (which can be found online).”

“Describe is detail how you do your job today.”

“If hired, can you work overtime? They never state how many hours everyone puts in for free!”

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