Business problem Interview Questions

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“Estimate size of vehicles fleet in a large city”

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“You notice that adwords revenue for a certain word has dropped in Italy for the last 30 days. How do you go about determining why that has happened?”

“What will you do when you face an angry customer?”

“Describe a recent business case and how you would react as a BCG consultant?”

“Tell us about a situation you had to handle as a manager.”

“You've recently joined a business group that is struggling to deliver an online service. The product team says everything looks good and doesn't know why the service is failing. You have two weeks to…”

“What do have to bring to the company?”

“Have you ever had a confrontation with your supervisor and how did you handle it?”

“How would you deal with having to rely on difficult resources (junior, far away, cultural gap) for completing a job, given no other choice?”

“What did the document I provided indicate would be delivered as a result of the project?”

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