Business Process Analyst Interview Questions

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“Would you be comfortable in this position since it is not a management (leadership) position and you have always managed people in the past.”

“Why should I hire you?”

“Worst and best asset. I was asked about any health conditions I might have. I don't believe this is an appropriate question for an interview.”

“There were none bad questions, they wanted history and evidence of success and of job descriptions duties”

“Cultural Interview: "Tell us about a time you led a project and the team members went against you. How did you handle that situation?"”

“Technical Interview: "Draw on the white board the process you used to get here".”

“Can you acquire the basics and ramp up fast to become productive with many complex programs”

“How do you handle working under pressure”

“What are some of the ways you used these (***) skills in the past?”

“They asked about my experience with agile and RUP methodoligies. Having negative experiences with both, and not being a good liar, I was forced to be honest about my experiences. In hindsight, I do…”

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