Business Technology Consultant Interview Questions

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“Suppose you are a consultant, and a client comes to you with a problem in their business processes. What are your first steps in addressing this problem?”

“What did I know about smart phones? Many questions were based on notions about how this was going to all come about; some seemed rather silly to me, but it was a strong indication that enough of the…”

“Most questions were typical of a small consulting firm where client relationships are extremely important and an emphasis on growth remains prominent.
For example, I was asked to discuss how I would…”

“What is your greatest strength and how do you exploit it?”

“Tell me about a time you had to deliver difficult news to someone”

“Tell me what you've learned about my company (during an unscheduled pop-in by the CEO in the middle of another interview)”

“Describe a difficult experience working in a group.”

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