Business to Business Sales Interview Questions

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“Why do I think this would be a good position for me?”

“If they like you, they may play a game where the interviewer may make you believe that they are not sure about hiring you. The interviewer will then talk to you about your salary history, and try to...”

“What does that mean? (referring to a manufacturing company) He was clueless as to what industrial sales meant.”

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“What do I want from the company?”

“Questions are very personality & behavior-based, and are mostly "Tell me about a time..." "How have you handled..."”

“THE DISHONESTY: I had trouble with the online assessment's web platform and communicated that to the recruiter via email requesting further assistance. A full day went by with no response from her...”

“This interview quickly revealed that this company wants young, inexperienced sprinters that want to prove themselves and be the star. They want people to do this over and over again with high...”

“Nothing is difficult, they just try to get a read out of you , if you're able to deal with their business model”

“Why should we hire you out of all our applicants?”

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