Business Valuations Associate Interview Questions

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“Why business valuation?”

“Why is timing of cash flows important in a DCF and how do we make adjustments to make financials reflect this accurately?”

“what is your favorite movie”

“Consider two companies, exactly the same, but one is private and the other is public, will the price be the same?”

“Explain the 3 valuation approaches and give examples of each.”

“Challenges of valuing a physician practice?”

“Why are you interested in business valuation?”

“Mostly behavioral questions due to interview being through job expo. No technical questions were asked.Questions were general, "walk me through your resume, What kind of projects did you work on in…”

“How do we calculate EBITDA from the financial statements? Which way is easy? Top down or bottom up?”

“What factors would you have to consider if you were to launch an overseas expansions project in China?”

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