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“How many thousandths are in an inch ?”

Buyer at PITCO

Aug 7, 2012

“They were surprised when I asked how current employees commute to work”

Buyer at zulily

May 6, 2013

“What would be the most difficult thing about working here?”

“how are you”

“there were no real difficult questions, the unexpected question was how to deal with a situation that you inherit from your predecessor.”

“Greatest weakness”

“"Pretend I didn't read your resume, and we just met on the street and go from there."”

“How would you handle a customer who is crying because she doesn't want to sell her grandmother jewelry but she has to because she is about to be homeless?”

Buyer at

Mar 18, 2015

“What would you do with large amounts of data?”

Buyer at Target

Jun 24, 2009

“Management simulation: You're given a case and then at the final round, instructions to "solve" it. This is done through an outside HR company tied to Target.”

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