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“Designing a recursive function, it was not difficult. But i was not sufficiently prepared. String builder vs string? wpf development. Language of Strength.”

“what is virtual function?”

“What is the best case lookup time for a hash table?”

“How can you make a program print out "Hello World" before entering the main() function?”

“Is it possible to declare a constant variable in the member declaration section of a class?”

“What 4 functions are automatically generated for a class by the c++ compiler?”

“C++ Polymorphism”

C++ Developer at Yipes

Dec 22, 2009

“how do you count the unique apperance of {a,b,c,d} in a file which appear in the 5th column using shell script?”

“Questions ranged from one of three main topics, C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. One such question was about triggering in SQL.”

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