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“How do you find the max depth of a binary tree?”

“Write a C function to define strstr(char *haystack, char * needle) to return the first occurrence of needle in haystack. Code must compile and execute.”

“Write a code to check whether partially filled sudoku is proper or not”

“Write a function that allows to convert a string to the corresponding number (i.e. implement the atoi() C function)”

“(Programming Language Test) When casting an object of a polymorphic class from a base class, which kind of cast executes only if it's is valid?”

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Jun 27, 2011

“Given a set of Sentences containing lower case letters only, remove common phrases from each sentence. Here a phrase is defined by 3 or more consecutive words. E.g: S1 = "I my bye good"; S2 = "my...”

“Find the vulnerabilities in this c code and exploit it: #include int main() { int leet=0; char buf[80]; puts("Hello, What's your name?"); gets(buf...”

“Given two base classes and a class derived from them how might one layout class instance memory so that polymorphism will work correctly. Problem was simplified in that one could assume memory was a...”

“Write an application that maps out a large set of data in as little time as possible.”

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