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“Complete the C function (body) that uses recursion to determine if the string is a palindrome”

“Find the common ancestor of two nodes in a tree. The tree is not a binary tree strictly in that the left node is less than the right node. Also this solution should work for trees with three or four…”

“Write a program to test endianess of storage.”

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“given a string,which is filled with either "(" or ")", for example "(())()())", write a function to check if the string is "proper". A "proper" string means if there is a "(" in the string, there…”

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“to developd to class software describe it”

“Not the most difficult question but I found this question interesting.
Write a piece of code that allows you to detect if the machine you are running the program is little Endian or big Endian…”

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Nov 10, 2009

“Given a square Grid of numbers, Considering all the numbers at the boundary as 1 layer and numbers just inside as another layer and so on how would you rotate each of the layers of the numbers by a…”

“Suppose you have a C++ base class and several classes that inherit from it. What might happen if you do not write a virtual destructor for the base class?”

“Substring function”

“Why did you Pick C++ instead of any other dynamic languages out there?”

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