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Intern at Exelis

Sep 1, 2010

“how do you reverse a string?”

“Given a linked list, write a function that will print the list in reverse.”

“Implement int value bit counting.”

“Given a point a, a distance d, and a large set of points, write a program that efficiently finds all of the points in the set that are less than the distance d from point a. A point consists of an…”

“Given a binary tree, how would you write program for getting mirror image of tree in O(n) time? Is it possible ? Assume you have no constraints on space.”

“2. what is virtual function?”

“Implement memcpy.”

“Write and aligned malloc() that gets memory size needed and an alignment mask as its arguements. Write a free() function to go with the aligned malloc that takes only the pointer to the allocated…”

“Write a macro to which you can pass a name of a structure and a name of one of its fields and get a relative offset of this field within the structure.”

“If you had 5 red balls that contained 4 red balls and those red balls contained the original 5 red balls, then how many sets of sets of balls would I take to have a double set of red balls of varying…”

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