C# Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“What was the most interesting course you took in your education that was not directly related to your major, and why?”

“How would one implement reference counted objects?”

“several obscure C++ syntaxes with virtual functions”

“*Difference between visibility: hidden; and display:none (Depending on the element, aren't these the same..??)
*Explain JavaScript prototype (Isn't it like a class..?)”

“they gave me digital circuit diagram, I cannot tell its funciton.”

“Pattern matching in a stream of bits and substitution with another pattern”

“Many data structures questions. Brush up on BSTs and sorting algorithms.”

“1) What is a virtual function
2) What is the difference between vector and list
3) What is multiple inheritance and what are its pros and cons
4) What is the difference between reference and…”

“What is the importance of using IEEE standard protocols?”

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