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“Would you turn your friend in for stealing a bag of chips?”

“wat is your name”

“There was no difficult question. The person that I met with told me she was uncomfortable doing this by herself and read standard questions from a piece of a paper. It was a waste of time,as I was…”

“Nothing really "difficult", Interviewer asked me to proceed through taking him through an entire strategic sourcing activity that I managed in the past, most were screening questions”

“PWR is a engineering base company, the most unexpected question ask of me in my position was can you relate to union employees and thier contact issues.”

Captel CA at CapTel

Feb 13, 2013

“Gets EXTREMELY boring after a while.”

“Are you a good leader? How have you used/learned leadership in your school (college) projects and classes?”

“When I was done with the tests I was asked how I felt about having been asked to come to their office only to find out I was there to take IQ and personality tests, and was not there not for an…”

“Basic questions, what's your research project, etc.”

“It was very simple since they weren't really expecting anything from us.”

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