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“You are the project lead on a plan to roll out a new product in China. What factors would you need to consider and what questions would you need to ask in evaluating the potential for success or…”

“These were NOT your typical customer service questions I were used too. A few were typical like how you handle irrate customers, about billing cycles and credit card information. But they weren't…”

CAE at Comcast

Sep 24, 2012

“Will you get bored with this as you have never been an agent and there is no travel or out of office responsibilities.”

“What words would your boss use to describe you”

“Difficult because those guys kept asking system and software questions even I applied network engineer jobs.”

“how would i handle an irrate customer?”

Manager at DISH

Apr 23, 2013

“Which date is the latest:
A) March 20, 1967
B) April 3rd, 1965
C) June 28th, 1967
D) January, 15th 1966”

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“What do you do if you assign a deliverable to someone, and they don't deliver. How do you handel this?”

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“what do you think of Jmaes Dolan”

“"Name a time when you couldn't do your job right"”

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