Cable, Internet & Telephone Providers interview questions

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“Very unusual question by the last interviewer.

How many musical notes are played on a radio station in 24 hours?”

“Why do you want to work for Comcast?”

“When do you use DMAIC?”

“Why do you want to do sales, given the fact that this is your first sales job?”

“Why do you want to work for this company?”

“What have you done before that's like this project.”

“How will you show value to the clients for a training goal that comes from corporate that they may not see any value in? How do you get their buy-in?”

“How would you handle a irate customer?”

“How did you handle a stressful situation?”

“Can you leave your current position in less than two weeks? (having asked them to give me at least two weeks prior to that question).”

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