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“Can you leave your current position in less than two weeks? (having asked them to give me at least two weeks prior to that question).”

“What do you know about Fedex?”

“Why should I hire you for this job?”

“do you have any expierience”

“There are no difficult questions for the entry-level Package Handler positions. Questions for any promotional position are also not difficult and found the Senior Terminal Managers do not have...”

“Give a situation in your last job in which your workload prevented you from completing all the tasks required for sucessful completion and describe how you managed a solution.”

“What is something negative about yourself?”

“Your given a complex database diagram, asked how to perform certain joins on the tables. Then your told to find which SQL tables may have performance bottle necks due to the normalization scheme...”


Feb 19, 2013

“they want you do lie to customers and do things outside of corporate rules.”

“do you have sales experience? on average how many times or percentage have you hit your sales quota in the last year”

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